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Mergers & Acquisitions


We tell our clients that one of the most important days in their business lives will be the day after a major transaction.  If we have done our job, you will not only have bought or sold a company, but be fully prepared for your new role and have a clear understanding of the expectations your new partners have of you, and they in turn will understand what you expect of them.

 Too many deals founder over the long term from a lack of understanding of expectations, and a lack of focus on how the new company will operate the day after the closing.

At Roth Post we believe it is our responsibility to not only complete a transaction, but to help you structure it in such a way that you accomplish your financial and non-financial goals.

We believe there are a finite number of ideal buyers for any given company.  We work hard to profile your company so that we can help you find the very best buyer, the one that will give you and your new partner the best chance of success.  We have worked with clients where we introduced them to just one buyer, and a successful deal was completed.

How to Keep Your Process Confidential

Confidentiality is important to your client and employee relations, and impacts your ability to complete a transaction.  We do not believe in sending out a “book” detailing your company’s financial information, nor do we do large mailings. Our industry network allows us to stay in touch with scores of CEO’s, and we have an up-to-date knowledge of what kind of properties are of interest. 

Working with sellers, we select a very small number of companies who represent the “best in class” buyer for your particular company.  By working quickly, approaching just a   small number of companies, and dealing with CEO’s, your company’s name is much less likely to be on the street.

Getting Ready For Sale

Roth Post will complete a Readiness Assessment for your company.  We will analyze your financial results, including key ratios, your accounting methods, client relationships, succession plans, and lines of business.  We will benchmark results against our large and confidential data base.

If you need new accounting or legal assistance, we will recommend firms who have experience in your industry, and who have in-depth knowledge of the M&A field.

We will tell you if we think your company is ready to undergo the scrutiny of the marketplace.  If we find you lacking, we will work with you to develop a readiness plan to get you where you need to be.

During this phase we will also help you refine the objectives you have in seeking a transaction.


Once we complete a Readiness Assessment, we will be able to determine the price your company is likely to command in the marketplace.  We will compare your company to peers and show you what companies similar to yours have sold for in the recent past.
Valuations are only estimates, and the market ultimately determines the value of every company. However, our valuations have proven to be very accurate.