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Roth Post advisors works with principals to plan for the next stage of their companies’ development.

We will help find a new strategic partner, or prepare a company for sale. We will share our unique knowledge and access to the communications industry to help establish a realistic valuation of your company, and to set criteria for choosing a merger partner. Finally, we will introduce companies which we feel can mutually benefit each other.

The company is headed by Dick Roth and Peter Post.

Dick Roth is a nationally known Communications Management Consultant. For over 25 years he has advised executives at leading corporations and communications companies in critical marketing and communications decisions.Dick spent 12 years as Scali McCabe Sloves where he was part of the core management team that built the company from a creative boutique to a a worldwide agency.

Dick has a BA from Dartmouth University and an MBA from the Dartmouth Amos Tuck School of Business Administration.

Peter spent over 25 years in the advertising agency business as a successful manager and an entrepreneur.  He was President of Lintas Marketing Communications, and founder of Post & Partners, which became Cossette Post when Peter sold the company to the Cossette Communications Group, a Canadian company.  He was responsible for managing all US acquisitions for the company.

How to keep your
process confidential
Confidentiality is important to your client and employee relations, and impacts your ability to complete a transaction. We do not believe in sending out a “book” detailing your company’s financial information, nor do we do large mailings. Our industry network allows us to stay in touch with scores of CEO’s, and we have an up-to-date knowledge of what kind of properties are of interest. Working with
Ready for sale
Roth Post will complete a Readiness Assessment for your company. We will analyze your financial results, including key ratios, your accounting methods, client relationships, succession plans, and lines of business. We will benchmark results against our large and confidential data base. If you need new accounting or legal assistance, we will recommend firms who have experience in your industry